Joanna MItakidou


From a highly artistic family and due to her multifaceted and integral nature, the Make-up Artist, Ioanna Mitakidou had these influences to create her need to constantly seek and evolve in the field of makeup. Based on the city of Thessaloniki, she traveled to the most important fashion cities (New York City, London, Paris, Milan) where she studied by the side of famous Makeup artists such as Scott Barnes, Terry Barber, Pat MacGrath, Maria Papadopoulou and others. The London School of Makeup specialization on Editorial and Fashion Make-Up gave her the impetus to work into fashion industry in Greece and abroad.


Julietta Murandian is an upcoming talent in the makeup artist society. A graduate of the beauty and fashion course of the London Make Up Institute as well certificated by the International Make Up Association of London (IMA), she is passionate about her work, full of fresh ideas, with her unique talent in fashion. Her collaborations with Cutcuutur, Bettina store, Maestrigroup, Anna Samuka, One Salonica Thessaloniki, and her work with the actor Maria Kozhevnikova has been published in Hello.Rus. She has also studied fashion designing and photography.

makeup artist mpoziki work


Elissavet Mpoziki is an upcoming talent into the society of makeup artists with creative and artistic spirit. With woman’s beauty as her unique target for many years was creating makeup as a self-taught makeup artist. From young age she was interested in  everything around the woman’s world, as a result she studied the philosophy and the art of makeup, as well as she has the certification of the International Makeup Association of London – IMA . Her studies on finance and mathematics help her to develop a different view around the meaning of woman’s beauty.

The makeup world, won her interest because she believes that the woman’s beauty is very important for the development and the expression. She loves beauty makeup. Also, she has participated in many make-up contests and through her personal Youtube channel presents smart tips for a woman’s daily beauty care.