Styling Work By Despoina Marioglou

Despoina Marioglou

Despina M. at the age of seventeen she travelled to the UK to pursue her dream studying Fashion Promotion & Imaging at University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in London. Where she graduated with one of the highest deploma scores in her class. Despina specialized in Fashion & Visual Direction as well as she managed to work next to British fashion stylists and photographers.
However, the British fashion industry was not what she wanted to accomplish, there was the Greek fashion industry that she wanted to invest in. So, she returned to her hometown Thessaloniki, where she works as a freelance fashion stylist in as well as tutor teaching fashion history at London Make-up Institute.
She loves to collaborate and is more than happy to bring her experience and perspective to all elements of the production. While her versatility and talent for merging edgy with classic keeps her high demand, Despina’s passion and energy set her apart from the rest and ensure she always gets the best out of her team.